In 1978 we manufactured our very first product, a vertical cardboard baler. It was called the Cram-A-Lot DB-60, and since that time we have sold tens of thousands of vertical balers. In 2004, we revolutionized the industry with the Cram-A-Lot VB-60 – the safest, most reliable, and most user friendly vertical baler on the market today.
Standard features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Complete Baler UL Listed
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliant
  • Key Operated Controls
  • Quiet Operating Vane Pump
  • Gas Spring Assisted Loading Door
  • Electro-Magnet Safety Lock
  • Side Mounted Power Unit
  • Patented Bale Eject System
  • UHMW Ram Guides

Gas Spring Assisted Loading Door - Chain and sprocket problems have been replaced with a patent pending system that utilizes gas springs to smoothly open the loading door after each compaction stroke and significantly reduce the opportunity for hand injury.

Safety Interlock - The entire operational circuit of the baler is controlled by a patent pending design that utilizes an Electro-Magnet to hold the loading door securely in place until the baler has completed the compaction cycle and is in position to re-load.

Patented Bale Eject System - Unique design eliminates the use of chains and protects against bale eject system failure.

Hydraulic Cylinder - Made in the USA to our exact specification.

Control Panel - Innovative design and layout of the control panel has allowed switches, operators and interlocks to be reduced by 50%, reducing maintenance costs.

Side Mounted Power Unit – The power unit has been redesigned for simplicity and reliability, and also relocated to the side of the baler chassis for safer and easier maintenance. Brand name components are used to ensure long term reliability. A direct drive vane pump is mounted directly to the motor flange, thereby eliminating the motor coupler and providing quieter and more reliable operation. The directional valve is mounted directly to the pump body, eliminating up to 50% of the hoses and potential leak points that exist on comparable models. All Cram-A-Lot power units are manufactured and assembled “in house” using brand name components.

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VB Baler Steel Options
Left or Right Hand Chamber Door
Retractable Retainer Teeth
Front Feed Wire Guides
Canopy for Outdoor Use
VB Baler Electrical & Hydraulic Options
Electronic Key Pad Start
Full Bale Indicator
Regen Hydraulic Circuit
Oil Heater
Biodegradable Oil
Hydraulic Oil & ATF Blend – 50%
Single Phase Voltage Option (5hp, 230V, w/ 2 Stage Pump)
Three Phase Voltage Options (208V, 230V, 460V, 575V)

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CRAM-A-LOT® 1-2-3 Warranty
J.V. Manufacturing will furnish without charge:
1) All parts and labor expenses through the first year of ownership to remedy any faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
2) All parts through the second year of ownership to remedy any faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
3) All labor expenses through the third year of ownership to remedy any structural faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
This warranty does not apply to any damage caused by negligence, misuse, modifications, alterations, or accidents by purchaser or third parties. Refer to operation manual for specific warranty coverage.