Small Compactors

The NEW Charger Series Representing the next step in evolution of the Stationary Compactor

Our new CHARGER SERIES stationary compactors were designed for businesses that generate low to moderate volume of waste and recyclables. These models were designed from the ground up to require minimal maintenance and repairs, limiting the disruption of downtime to your business operations.

In designing the CHARGER SERIES our engineers utilized a “balanced design” approach, using computer aided stress analysis in conjunction with real-world destructive testing for design validation. This Cram-A-Lot dedication to robust design ensures that your compactor will be built to last, providing many years of service.

All CHARGER SERIES compactors feature a floor riding ram design, which minimized the maintenance associated with guide shoe adjustment while minimizing material migration behind the ram. The new side-mounted power unit places key electrical and hydraulic components safely outside of the compactor chassis. Our power units are also designed and manufactured “in house” so we can maintain complete quality control from system design through manufacturing completion of these critical systems.

Charger Series compactors are perfect for applications such as:

  • Retail Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
  • Manufacturers & Industrial Facilities

Standard Features Include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Complete Machine UL Listed
  • ANSI Z245.2 Compliant
  • 24 Volt Operator Controls
  • Side-Mounted Power Unit with Remote Control Pendant
  • NEMA 4 Rate Controls with Key-Lockable Start Switch
  • Key-Lockable Hauler Safety Switch
  • TEFC(Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled) Electric Motor
  • JIC & O-ring Fittings throughout Hydraulic System
  • Oil Sight Gauge/li>
  • Floor Riding Ram Design with UHMW Tail Guides
  • Serviceable Ram Wiper
  • Turnbuckles & Container Hooks

Hopper Styles:

  • Enclosed Hoppers.
  • Open Top Hoppers
  • Dock Mount Hoppers
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Through the Wall
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Small Compactor Steel Options
Angle Guides
Channel Guides
Breaker Bar Teeth (Fixed or Hinged)
Pin Off System & Jog Control
Small Compactor Electrical & Hydraulic Options
75% & 100% Full Lights Combined
Color Coded Pressure Gauge (Power Unit Mounted or Field Mounted)
Remote Power Unit
Full Remote Controls, 15’ Lead (Four or Six operators)
Multi-Cycle Operation, 3 Cycles (with or without selector switch)
Auto-Cycle Operation w/ Laser, Includes Audible + Visible Alarm
Conveyor Control w/ Upper Laser
Hold To Run
Oil Heater
Oil Level Shutdown
Oil Temperature Shutdown
Biodegradable Oil
Hydraulic Oil & ATF Blend – 50%
Sonozaire Odor Neutralizer
Single Phase Voltage Option (5hp, 230V, w/ 2 Stage Pump)
Three Phase Voltage Options (208V, 230V, 460V, 575V)

CRAM-A-LOT® 1-2-3 Warranty
J.V. Manufacturing will furnish without charge:
1) All parts and labor expenses through the first year of ownership to remedy any faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
2) All parts through the second year of ownership to remedy any faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
3) All labor expenses through the third year of ownership to remedy any structural faults proven to be the result of defective materials or workmanship.
This warranty does not apply to any damage caused by negligence, misuse, modifications, alterations, or accidents by purchaser or third parties. Refer to operation manual for specific warranty coverage.